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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  September 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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>> what do you think of adam. >> i like my pick and i like bens more. that's the way they should play. thank you very much. message to washington, you can see eye to eye and get along. david asbin on forbes on fox. >> anti-american protest still erupting in pakistan despite the u.s. spending $70,000 on an ad denouncing the anti-islamic film . secretary of state urging lawmakers to keep billions in u.s. aid flowing in the region. is she right or time to cut them off. >> go in focus with mr. steve forbes who is author of "freedom manifesto" it is a
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must read book to read . rick unger and elizabeth and rich and victoria. >> steve, is it time to cut them off. >> cut off or partial cut off . egypt and other countries if you can't protect, you shouldn't get free money from us. that is basic. rick unger, it is our mon yewe should be able to decide. and if they can't protect our embassy and treat us with a decency, shouldn't we cut them off? >> the issue is you can't make foreign policy in reaction to short term events. we know it is awful and i will be the first to agree those governments should have protected our embassy. it does no good to have a rahn
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paul reaction. >> emake >> we did it in north korea and south africa and cutting off the west bank and the gaza strip and done if with honduras in 2009 and ith the sudan. i think the muslim brotherhood is a long-term event and al-qaida influences. we don't know if our tax money is going to ours and intelligence officials tell me they would support cutting off pakistan as well and the cheap yest best way to do is it is to u.s. companies to stop doing business with pakistan. >> victoria, is there any possibility that the money is going to terrorist who are there killing our ambassadors. shouldn't we cut it off and better to be safe than sorry? >> i think no doubt the money is going to terrorist. but it is not track there is
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no accountable in foreign aid. can can we need to spread democracy in the middle east. if you cut off nw you wl see the real rise to al-qaida and that is a threat to our national security and don't throw it off. instead of weak commitments from the government leaders, let's hold them accountable. >> that is specifically what senator rand paul is saying. first we must demand accountability. and before we give billions to pakistan and egypt. >> the problem is there is a negative correlation . there is no evidence that it works . when you think of trying to spread democracy in the middle east. democracy led to tyranny there. and the biggest thing about foreign aid. there is no evidence of handing it over to them that
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they like us more. this shows thace like united states less when we hand them over money. >> the fact is, what they respect over there is strength and back bone and what they don't respect is inconsistency and weakness. >> that's the problem, look. i look at this like the cold war. i think it will take 20 years to resolve in the middle east it is it a generational problem and i think we will win and i agree with victoria that we have to be there. really, the argument we are having instead of reagan and captain wein berger we have ambassador and clinton who are vacillate weak. i think even steve would support more foreign aid if we had reagan. >> think of what reagan and weine berger did. >> they funded genuine
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democrats when they put money in the old soviet union. they sought out people that shared our ideal, not the muslim brotherhood. there is sometimes a democracy that leds to good things and sometimes leads to bad things. we should only fund people who share our interest? >> right. >> what we used to call eastern central and now central not aid to existing governments but providing fax machine to solidary to help undermine the regime. that is a maul amount of money. i wouldn't call that foreign aid. that would be part of the defense budget and under president reagan it worked. giving money to bureaucracy breeds corruption. >> solidariity and the leader became president of poland. they shared our interest. if the money is going to the muslim brotherhood and if they are winning the elections,
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they don't share our interest, do they? >> the arab street does possibly. there is high unemployment over there, those governments rely on heavy social spending by keeping oil prices high and over $100 a barrel and they have a vested interest to do more spending there . the point is, tedious orgy of thinking of the white house is got to stop. strength is the only way to deal with murderous thugs that are killing each other and americans. they need to crack open their economies in free market systems where true democracy can flourish. >> rick? >> liz is referring to a tedous orgies of political correct rich is saying, the policy is fine, but just in the hands of the wrong people. come on, this gets silly.
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foreign policy is consistent >> it is too politically correct. >> that doesn't mean you don't change forp policy. you should cut off the imf that gives better descriptions and ruins these countries. it is economic. >> and rich, go ahead. >> wealth of nations. >> and the problem sthere is a fallacy to your argument. >> there usually is. go back to the difference between jimmie carter and ronald reagan. it is political correctness and reagan did the opposite. >> victoria? go ahead. >> rick, the point is, we are handing these people blank checks and then apologizing for it. and going into these places oh, we are so sorry for the random video that a whacko put out on the internet. come on, you have to show
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strength. >> hold on a second. rick, i know you are not in favor of the money leaking in the wront hands. way to continue the aid to people who share our about. it is our money after all. yes, we want to influence that region but not in the hands of terrorist. >> that's fair enough. but listen to the arguments. suddenly it is about apologies and nonsense that is political. foreign policy does not exist in that realm. >> apologies are nan sensical. >> ask senator mccain who argued with paul. >> rick, the issue is the white house is apologize making it look like it was a state sponsored film when it was a amateur cartoon that the united states government had noidea about. to apologize is the wrong thing to do. >> thank you, gang. you think it is the land of
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the free would be the top ranked economy . not so. a new report said it is not even close and someone said he knows why we are free falling, next . ♪
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>> fox news alert. there are major development in benghazi, lib yampt hundreds of pro american america storming the compound of a militia group that is linked to the attack on the u.s. consulate there. they had broke off from a huge march. two people were killed in the violence.
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we'll keep you posted . how about new york man is lucky. he jumped into a tiger exhibit in the bronx zoo. he jumped 20 feet from the monorail and spent 10 minutes alone with a 400 pound zoo siberian a. he had only bites and broken bones. we don't know why he jumped. keep it back here on mox. land. not so free economy. united states dropped to 18th place. steve knows what will put america back on top. >> and simple tax code. we have to reform the regulation and cost the economy 1.7cent trillion and bigger than any other economy
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in the world except for the top five or six. it is harassing farmers. and fda is blocking critical drugs. and on and on it goes. you have those kind of burdens and people can't produce products and services. and i mockus on national gas. the epa is putting their foot on that in terms of fraking. the number one in hong kong. it is owned by the public's republic of china. my favorite is singapore. companies that control 60 percent of the gdp . they have ownership by the singapore government.
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in a segment we are going to get to. it is awful that our government owned gm. and when singapore owns these business. the great thing about america we had a free political system and economy . now we are squeezed. >> rick has problems with one particular study. it is validated. it is in the spectrum and from libitarians and liberals. they are saying the same thing and steve is right. all business and growth happens on the margin it is weather a business person will invest in the next factory or hire the next person . when that doesn't happen the
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economy stalls and that is what is happening because of all of the confusion coming out of the washington. >> morgan look at tens of thousands of regulations and you have to admit just by looking at the numbers we have more than we are used to. >> sure, but the truth of the matter, i take the report with a grain of salt it comes down to methodology . the latest is data and 20 10. and to be honest. the truth of the matters, we are coming out of a worst recessions and we wouldn't see ge and on shore factoris and jobs. maybe we would be coming out of the recession fast yer better if we didn't have regulatory overhang. >> the world is giving the
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currency a big thumbs down. the value of the u.s. dollar is down 13 percent. >> thank you, ben bernanke. >> and thank you our church counterfeiter timothy geithner. the dollar was getting stronger because of confidence in our commempt and that's not what it is doing now and the dollar plummeted. >> do more regulations give people more confidence over less in the u.s. economy? >> rich was exactly right it is less. business growth comes down to a single risky decision . it can defend on how hard it is. what are the factors? and going back to a study for an instance. the one that rich cited with the world economic forum study
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is the most depaming. we slipped from first place to fifth place. you read why. it is because we ranked fifthth in terms of americans trusting their government and it will be arms length from business. those are 50th. come on, it is the united states of america. these studies are worth talking about. >> steve, i used to cover latin america it has more laws and regulations than any region that i know of and more law breakers. more laws and regulations sometimes they contradict each other and you have to be a law breaker. that is not good for society. and don't and government brings me where to drive. small banks how can they survive with the rules come talk about regulation.
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and counterfeiter ben bernanke and making it impossible for seniors and other to get capitol and hurting the capt apt market. that hurts the economy. too. >> i a since that ben bernanke will not be invited to the forbes' christmas party. thank you, gang. why is a new debate erupting over something that the president said when he was a state senator. the crew said everyone's money on the line you don't want to miss it. and new reports suggest that general motors wants the government to hit the road. this new fight proving that bailouts only back fire.
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>> the government picked him to steer general motors and now he's telling the government to get out. he is saying that the treasury department should sell the last shares they own of general motors as quickly as motor. he backed the rescue but now he said the government is holding the them back. >> the question is how long does the government stay involved. if it was involved it should have been in and out. >> and the market should decide. and they say the government will take a loss on it. the government is running a deficit of trillion. get out of the gm and let the market decide if gm prospers
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or goes broke again. >> despite the administration claiming they were not interfering in the managing. whitaker said he could not detect interest on the part of the government to reling quish control. they like to be in control. >> you know what this proves, it moves to ed whitacrwants to see the. >> that is a charge. let me answer. >> who does not want to see 25 percent of the owner get taken out in bottom prices like they can get us out. don't ask us to take the air cut.
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it has fallen in value . so if the government gets out right now taxpayers would lose buildings. >> he went in and saved a handful of jobs in the automaker and this was political to get votes in ohio. but at the great expense of the economy at large. he debased bond holders and reduced the confidence in our economy and markets. he had a bad move. he owes an apology. >> should the government get out now. >> of course, it is to get out. but it is not going to. it is impossible to look at the bailout. once you take government money you are not in the business of profit. you are serving politicians. the government should get out but it can't quickly. >> gm could buy out the shares
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and it owes taxpayers twen. we are proping up gm long enough to reelect the president. it was a bailing out the banks. coming up. new housing numbers and signs of life. that will send two stocks through the roof. >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today.
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>> we are back with the stalks back. and erack? >> it is a company that sells a lot of road products. >> morgan perfectly positioned in case it is coming back. >> i like it is price to earning ratio is high for my test.


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